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7 Tips To Keep Your Suitcase Safe While Travelling

Take Care Of Your Luggage During Travelling

When we plan our trip then we never forget few things like packing luggage, carry tickets, valuable items and of course our earphones. Everything is going good, you’re on en-route destination, having great conversation, and suddenly realize there’s something missing. Your trip turns hassled, now we’re not happy. Well, this is very common and can happen to anyone that’s why it’s compulsory to take care of your luggage’s safety.

Tip 1: Carry Your Valuable Items, Don’t Pack Them

While packing this is important don’t pack your valuables with your clothes or accessories. All your valuable items such as wallet, credit cards, cash, and documents should be in your pocket or hand. Thieves usually target tourists’ bags and what will the benefits of zipping your bag when they have skills of vanishing your whole bag? While travelling either you have to make sure that your luggage safety is firm or you have to stay awake so no one can dare to touch your bags. But this kind of incidents usually takes place in the cheap mode of transportation.

Tip 2: Get Travel Insurance

As we know travel insurance plays an important role in our journey. Simply we can say travel insurance is a bag full of multiple benefits. If you face any medical issue such as illness or injury (before or during the journey), the company will handle your medical expenses. If your item is personal such as custom bags, you may be able to schedule it on the policy of homeowner or special articles policy linked to your plan of homeowner. If your item comes in the list of a business product then you need to check with your business insurance provider. Some travel insurance holds the plan of repaying tourist if his/her bag is lost, stolen or destroyed anytime during the journey (not just on the airplane).This is essential because the reimbursement you will get from an airline, transportation company or hotel is very restricted and may come in the form of potential vouchers instead of money.

Tip 3: Send Them Mail

If you’re carrying something valuable on your journey, the mail services grip great options for ensuring and delivering your items. If you can ship your valuables, you won’t face the effort of hefting, lugging and keeping watch over those items. In multiple cases, your signature is required upon arrival so you can get surety that your valuable item is delivered only into the hands of the designated person. You can even get the arrival date of your item whereas you can’t give you the same.

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Tip 4: Keep Copies Of Your Documents

Before starting your journey, make a photocopy of all your essential travel documents. In case if you lose your baggage and documents then you have those copies to prove your identity and replace a lost passport or ID. Having copies of your documents is like you’ve got the backup.

Tip 5: Only Carry Needed Items

If you’re the new place, new hotel with heavy luggage then, of course, you can’t step ahead to various tourist attractions. Your shoulders hold the heavy bag with few electronic devices and you’re roaming at Miami beach….do you think it makes sense? First of all, choose a reliable hotel and then leave what you can do without back in the hotel. When you start roaming the streets of some tourist attraction, only carry what you need such as your wallet and DSLR/camera. Be part of that place’s cultural, your unique personality can give an invitation to thieves. So be easy and act as locals.

Tip 6: Use Locks For Your Luggage’s Security

While travelling on a bus or train, you need to check the safety of your luggage. You can tie your baggage with your luggage racks or with your seats and if you fall asleep or have to go washroom, it’s less likely that thieve will snatch your items. You can also lock small cases to the airline seat (this kind of incidents rarely take place in the airplane).

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Tip 7: TSA(Transportation Security Administration) Approved Luggage

If you’ve no option left than to pack your valuables into your checked luggage, then you go for a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) -approved luggage to lock up the bad and ensure you have the brilliant amount of baggage protection possible. Some travel insurance providers can also increase the protection of your baggage for certain if you ask. Alas! Various media reports said that despite TSA-approved bags, tourists are still facing the stolen issues.

We know these are little and very common things. While reading all these tips you might be thinking are we kids? Of course, you’re not, you all know well how to take care of your luggage and valuable items. In haste, we often forget the little things and these are those little but important things which we don’t want you to forget or skip.

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San Diego Travel Made Easy

If you are planning a trip to the San Diego area, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities. With so many attractions and options, it’s important to have a great perspective on the area. San Diego travel guide  provides pertinent information for planning your visit, with information on everything from the favorite tourist destinations, to cultural attractions, to nature points of interest. Plan around your interests, and locate the best accommodations for your stay.

This San Diego travel guide provides interesting historical information about the well-know city. As well, information is well organized for directing you to ideas for things to do during your stay. Whether traveling with children, or on your own, Sea World and The San Diego Zoo are world renowned attractions that provide excitement and adventure, as the visitors get a perspective on a variety of land and sea life. Legoland is one of the most popular attractions for children, but adult Lego enthusiast can just as easily spend hours experiencing the thrill of legos everywhere they turn. Each of these particular attractions has a number of hotels in close proximity, and San Diego Travel Guide provides easy to use links and tools, perfect for locating accommodations closest to your San Diego attractions of choice.

If you are a fan of museums, there is a listing of the popular choices available in the area. Whether you prefer the Museum of Art, or the Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park, you will find the guide provides background information, along with location details, so that you can plan your trip itinerary.
Shopping and sightseeing are easily fit into your travel schedule, with overviews of Seaport Village, as well as
Old Town San Diego. Find trolley tours, and plan your dining in conjunction with shopping and sight-seeing.

Plan your dining easily, whether you are looking for specific ethnic meals, or buffets. Find outstanding bakeries for breakfast selections, or light sandwich shops for lunch. Find grocery stores, where you can stock up on picnic staples for your day at the seaside on Coronado Island, or out in Tecolote Canyon Natural Park.

San Diego is rich in culture, and is a wonderful city to spend time in. You can include a number of different activities in your travel plans, and still leave reason to return. With San Diego Travel Guide, you’ll be able to easily put your itinerary together

Lodging Recommendation in San Diego: Mission Valley Resort

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Macau Destination Guide

Macau, upon first sight, seems to be all urban glitz and glamour with giant casinos and vibrant light shows. The Las Vegas of the East, however, holds much more culture and adventure than you’d think.

Founded by Fujian fishermen and farmers from Guangdong, this small island started life as a port called Ou Mun or ‘trading gate’ because of its proximity to the Silk Road where ships would load with silk bound for Rome. This business and trading history brought the Portuguese merchant explorers to Ou Mun, today known as Macau.

This Portuguese influence can still be seen across the whole island with historical European architecture on every street intermingled with Chinese culture and temples. Although Macau may be known for its casinos, it is the history of the autonomous region that draws visitors from across the world.

Take a stroll down the main thoroughfare and sample the cuisine for sale on the street stalls. Squeeze through the crowds to find knick-knacks in the market stalls and souvenir shops before enjoying an ice cream at the Venetian hotel, sampling a taste of Italy in the middle of Asia.

I recommend:

1. Eat local

There is a multi-storey marketplace with different floors for different wares. Although by no means pretty, this market, used by the locals, has everything you could possibly need. The fish floor, if you can stand the smell, has fresh seafood for sale. If you’re not in the mood for cooking, a little further up in the never-ending maze of market stalls there’s a place to eat. Although it looks like a British greasy-spoon cafe, the locals recommend this place for a real taste of Macau. Portuguese spice paired with Asian style cooking, large portions and a cheap price make it an unmissable stop. If you can find it!

2. Soak up some history

Visit the ruins of St Paul’s and discover what lies behind – and beneath – the ancient façade. Below ground level lies the previous church’s crypt where relics of Japanese and Vietnamese martyrs lie as well as a museum of Sacred Art exhibiting paintings, sculptures and liturgical artefacts from the island’s various churches and monasteries. Free maps can be found all over the tourist areas of the city which will show routes to all of the main churches and museums.

3. Take in the view

Macau is a maze of winding back alleys and you can’t predict what will be around the next corner. Colourful Portuguese architecture and Chinese temples can be viewed from above, if you want to tackle the steep steps to the top of Mount Fortress. It gives spectacular view over the city, including the gaudy Grand Lisboa which dominates the skyline in its pineapple-esque stature. Take a seat and read about the history of the fortress whose numerous cannons have only been used once in 1622 when the Dutch invaded Macau.

4. Go Italian

The Venetian casino is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Although the attempt to emanate Italy in the middle of Asia doesn’t sound like it should work, the gelato is surprisingly good and it’s a cooling stop off if you’re visiting in the heat of summer.

Here’s a tip…

Try some of the meats on sale in the street food stalls. Most places will allow you to try a certain type before you buy as they vary in flavour and spice level. For vegetarians, the Portuguese egg tarts are a must!

While you’re in the area, take the short boat ride to the nearby island of Hong Kong for some more East meets West adventures.

I wish I’d known…

Get a map straight away. Your hotel or hostel will probably have one for free but there are so many bits and bobs dotted around the island that it would be impossible to experience everything without one. Although the best way to find a hidden treasure is to get lost and stumble upon it, a map will be able to point out historically interesting destinations and travel information points should you need them. It’s a complicated city – you will get lost.

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Srinagar-A Heaven on the earth

dal-lake-srinagarSrinagar is one of the most beautiful cities of India. Let us explore this heavenly place. This exploration will act as a travel guide to you if you are planning a tour to this beautiful place. Srinagar, which is the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir State of India, is located on the banks of beautiful Jhelum River. Many poets have penned down many romantic lines describing the beauty of this enigmatic place blessed with amazing natural beauty.

Tourist attractions in Srinagar: Situated at an altitude of 1730 meter above sea level, it is one of the most picturesque places on srinagarearth and is a tourist’s paradise. Embellished with magnificent hills, rivers and lakes, Srinagar is a dream destination in every aspect. This city is believed to have been founded by king Pravarasena some 2000 years ago. If you are looking for a travel guide to Srinagar, you are at the right place. Let’s have a look at various tourist attractions in Srinagar. The place is flanked with numerous tourist attractions which are marvelous. Some of the must visit picturesque to be included in your tour to this heavenly place are Dal Lake, Hazratbal Shrine, Khanqah-e-Molla, Wular lake and Shankaracharya temple. Some of the other tourist spots that worth to register a visit are Khir Bhawani Temple, Chatti Padshahi, Chashma Shahi and Pari Mahal, Nishat Garden and Shalimar Garden. Every year these spots attract many tourists.

srinagar1Essential facts to know: Srinagar is well connected with rest of country through bus and air link. Various airlines operate services to Srinagar from cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, etc.

Jammu and Kashmir tourism department have offices in Srinagar, Jammu and New Delhi. Official website of state tourism department is quite useful. Bharat Darshan is an independent guide to Srinagar tour.

I hope this travel guide would help you plan your tour to this beautiful place.

For any further details visit

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The Easy Travel Guide of the Beautiful Barcelona City



IMAGE21La Rambla

According to the Travel Guide information, this is a tree-lined pedestrian avenue comprising buskers, mimes, living statues and traveling sales personnel selling everything from lottery tickets to jewelry. Craftwork being sold by the pavement cafes and stands, curious onlookers surrounding the street performers, bird market full of noise, Palau de la Virreina, a grand rococo mansion of the 18th-century, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the famous opera house of the 19th-century – all these are colorful parts of the mosaic of La Rambla. At the lofty Monument, La Rambla ends a Colom (Monument to Columbus) and the harbor.

Barri GoticIMAGE22

Aka Gothic Quarter, it forms the city’s ancient part. The Travel Guide further elaborates that Picasso dwelled and operated in Barri Gotic from 1895 to 1904 and Joan Miro was born and dwelled here during his early stages. On the right hand side of the La Rambla is Gothic Quarter situated as is inclusive of a focus of tall Gothic buildings of medieval age (14-15th century) on contracted cobbled streets and presently is the home place of much of the nightlife of the city.

La Sagrada Familia

IMAGE23This is one of the most magnificent and famous one among the landmarks of Barcelona. The Travel Guide highlights the lifetime work of the famous architect of Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi, the unfinished cathedral’s magnificient spires imprint themselves courageously against the sky with swollen outlines motivated by the holy mountain Montserrat. There are four towers above each façade, in total 12, dedicated to the Apostles. The tallest tower of all in the center at 170 m. is dedicated to Jesus Christ. There are towers of the four Evangelists around these, and the one over the apse is in the dedication to the Virgin. With a tangle of sculptures, they are encrusted that appear to breathe life within the stone. In 1926, Gaudi passed away prior to his completed masterwork, and since then, continually the controversy has dogged the program of the building. However, almost the southwestern (Passion) façade is done, and the nave that commenced in 1978, is in the progress.

La PedreraIMAGE24

An apartment building of Casa Mila (Mila House) is the last example of Gaudi’s civil architecture as demonstrated by the Travel Guide. It is one of the most ambitious and finest creations, innovative in its constructive, functional, and ornamental aspects, extraordinarily. Visitors can go up to the roof after touring the effigy, where Barcelona’s spectacular views can be seen. Below the roof is a floor that is a museum modestly dedicated to the work of Gaudi.


fonts-de-montjuic-barcelonaThis is the most enormous candid space in the city; the Olympic installations, the hilltop fortress and the Spanish Village are its main attractions. The inscription of the Travel Guide proves that the hill of Montjuic that overlooks the city center from the southwest provides a home for some fine art galleries, soothing parks, leisure attractions and the main 1992 Olympic sites group. The ornamental gardens having water features cover up Montjuic and thus it is the most renowned destination ofBarcelona420x0 Barcelona during the Sundays.


As per the Travel Guide elucidation, this is the highest hill in the wooded range forming Barcelona’s backdrop. There are stunning views on the outright Barcelona, an amazing cathedral, along with a fun family park Parc d’Atraccions having old-style rides to provide views that are breathtaking. At the park, a glass lift goes 115m (383 ft) up to the observation area of a visitor at the tower to Torre de Collserola telecommunications.

For more information, please log on to

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A Visit to Hong Kong – Free And Easy Travel Guide

Day 1:

temple-street-night-marketLadies Market

While being in Hong Kong, the key to a successful and enjoyable trip is held by shopping and bargaining. And both these you can get at the Ladies Market. Virtually, you can buy anything and everything here under the sun – clothes both for men and women, fake goods, accessories and other stuffs are available extensively.


The Travel Guide says you need to get on the MTR and at the Mongkok station, you need to stop off. And for getting to the Ladies Market, you need to walk for two blocks along Nelson Street.

Temple Street Market

At the dusk of the day, the time is to hop off to another well-known market in the situation of Mongkok that is the Temple Street Market. This is the right place for you if you are fond of electronic goods. To this market, many open air hawker stalls lend a flavor certainly that you could be hardly put to come across anywhere else.


As per the Travel Guide, on the MTR the Jordan Station will be leading you to the Temple Street Market.

Day 2:

Harbor City Mallharborcity

Being fed up of the outdoors’ hustle and bustle? Now it’s time for you to enjoy your shopping in the coolest atmosphere of an enclave which is air-conditioned. It is in fact the largest mall of Hong Kong and international and standard brands of products are sold here. Also you have the choice of resting your feet while catching up at Harbor City on the latest movies.

Tsui Hang Village

Coming here is worth since you are getting to munch on the delicacies of Hong Kong at a price that doesn’t slay your wallet! This place has a situation on Nathan Road at Miramar Shopping Center.


According to the Travel Guide, you need to go through Exit A1 from the Tsim Tsa Chui MTR station and you then head towards the mall.

Day 3:

festivalwalkFestival Walk

You are welcome here to look at the décor based on the principles of feng shui, or hike around the boutiques myriad that sell many diverse products. You will be hard pressed either way to hit upon another mall in Hong Kong that is as interesting or as convenient (located at the Kowloon Tong MTR station) like this one!


As inscribed in the Travel Guide and mentioned above, this shopping mall of amazing kind is situated at the Kowloon Tong MTR station.

Day 4:

Causeway Bay

A whole day can be dedicated to this amusing place since it is filled with abundance of diverse places for you to do shopping at.Causeway_Bay The main Causeway Bay shopping mall happens to be none other than Time Square. Conversely, more of you who are adventurous would love probably to wander around the close by areas and gaze at the things on sale in the little curio shops that are spread around. If you are keen to check out what intentions the designers have, then why not proceed to the Fashion Walk. On the other hand, if you have more curiosity for bargain hunting then move ahead to Jardine’s Cresent and Jardine’s Bazaar.

cakeshopDenmark Cake Shop

Whilst present at Causeway Bay, make an attempt to locate Denmark Cake Shop to sample their popular cheeseburger version. You need to go to the Leighton Road to visit this cake shop.


The Travel Guide demonstrates you to get on the subway of the MTR. Causeway Blue stands on the Island line (blue).

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