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The Easy Travel Guide of the Beautiful Barcelona City



IMAGE21La Rambla

According to the Travel Guide information, this is a tree-lined pedestrian avenue comprising buskers, mimes, living statues and traveling sales personnel selling everything from lottery tickets to jewelry. Craftwork being sold by the pavement cafes and stands, curious onlookers surrounding the street performers, bird market full of noise, Palau de la Virreina, a grand rococo mansion of the 18th-century, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the famous opera house of the 19th-century – all these are colorful parts of the mosaic of La Rambla. At the lofty Monument, La Rambla ends a Colom (Monument to Columbus) and the harbor.

Barri GoticIMAGE22

Aka Gothic Quarter, it forms the city’s ancient part. The Travel Guide further elaborates that Picasso dwelled and operated in Barri Gotic from 1895 to 1904 and Joan Miro was born and dwelled here during his early stages. On the right hand side of the La Rambla is Gothic Quarter situated as is inclusive of a focus of tall Gothic buildings of medieval age (14-15th century) on contracted cobbled streets and presently is the home place of much of the nightlife of the city.

La Sagrada Familia

IMAGE23This is one of the most magnificent and famous one among the landmarks of Barcelona. The Travel Guide highlights the lifetime work of the famous architect of Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi, the unfinished cathedral’s magnificient spires imprint themselves courageously against the sky with swollen outlines motivated by the holy mountain Montserrat. There are four towers above each façade, in total 12, dedicated to the Apostles. The tallest tower of all in the center at 170 m. is dedicated to Jesus Christ. There are towers of the four Evangelists around these, and the one over the apse is in the dedication to the Virgin. With a tangle of sculptures, they are encrusted that appear to breathe life within the stone. In 1926, Gaudi passed away prior to his completed masterwork, and since then, continually the controversy has dogged the program of the building. However, almost the southwestern (Passion) façade is done, and the nave that commenced in 1978, is in the progress.

La PedreraIMAGE24

An apartment building of Casa Mila (Mila House) is the last example of Gaudi’s civil architecture as demonstrated by the Travel Guide. It is one of the most ambitious and finest creations, innovative in its constructive, functional, and ornamental aspects, extraordinarily. Visitors can go up to the roof after touring the effigy, where Barcelona’s spectacular views can be seen. Below the roof is a floor that is a museum modestly dedicated to the work of Gaudi.


fonts-de-montjuic-barcelonaThis is the most enormous candid space in the city; the Olympic installations, the hilltop fortress and the Spanish Village are its main attractions. The inscription of the Travel Guide proves that the hill of Montjuic that overlooks the city center from the southwest provides a home for some fine art galleries, soothing parks, leisure attractions and the main 1992 Olympic sites group. The ornamental gardens having water features cover up Montjuic and thus it is the most renowned destination ofBarcelona420x0 Barcelona during the Sundays.


As per the Travel Guide elucidation, this is the highest hill in the wooded range forming Barcelona’s backdrop. There are stunning views on the outright Barcelona, an amazing cathedral, along with a fun family park Parc d’Atraccions having old-style rides to provide views that are breathtaking. At the park, a glass lift goes 115m (383 ft) up to the observation area of a visitor at the tower to Torre de Collserola telecommunications.

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The Essential 6 Month Travel Guide – When and Where?


Esencia – Mexico

January is the great time to go to Mexico’s Carribean coast, which is the home to some actually romantic beach hideways. According to the Travel Guide, One of our favorites is Esencia set on a stunning white sand beach. Among lush tropical gardens, it has just got 29 white, minimalist rooms set. Spa is meant for relaxation, beaches for snorkeling off, Mayan Ruins are meant for exploration nearby or you can sip tequila in Playa del Carmen at one of the stylish bars.


Explora Easter Island – Chile

One of the most remote places on earth is Easter Island, or Rapa Nui. The islanders hold their annual Tapati festival in the month of February – which includes song celebration, IMAGE2parades, dance and competitions for two weeks. The Travel Guide says that by far, Explora is the most lavish accommodation on the island along with its 30 room brand new property that has been opened in January 2008. Meanwhile, guests were housed in local comfortable houses outright with hot tub. Out of this world is trekking to the Moai statues followed by Pisco Sour cocktail on the beach. Explora begins from £200 per individual every night that is inclusive of all excursions and meals.


Villa St Lucy – Barbados

A lovely seven bedroom villa that is perfectly suitable for a family holiday over Easter is Villa St Lucy. Endless things are there for the IMAGE3whole family to do herein as of world class golf (villa is situated on the Royal Westmoreland golf course’s 18th hole), a spa that is a brand new one, ping-pong, swimming and white sand beaches at a distance of just 10 minutes away. Also the Travel Guide demonstrates that there’s a kid’s club at the time of school holidays in addition to the villa having its own oval infinity pool of 17m. The villa is available with a housekeeper and there can be an arrangement of a private cook if it seems self-catering is too much tedious. Over Easter, the rental starts from £9, 625 per week for 14 people.


Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires – Argentina

A great time of visiting Buenos Aires, when the weather is cooled into autumn is the month of April, according to the Travel Guide. In the street you can dance tango, of the size of your handbag you can eat a steak, into the early hours you can sip IMAGE5Malbec or at the growing number of designer boutiques you can snap up bargains. A stunning new hotel of Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires combines a restored 1932 palace with a modernized building. This elegant hotel includes some of the elegant features of excellent spa facilities, a lust tree-lined garden and an underground art gallery.


Hermitage Bay – Antigua

May is the best month to head to Antigua to witness some of the finest custom-made yachts of the world in Antigua Race Week. As inscribed in the Travel Guide, the hub of the action is Nelson’s Dockyard where parties and live bands play into the night. This brand new IMAGE6boutique hotels set is situated on the island’s west coast. A luxurious retreat is offered when you’ve had your Race Week fun fill. 25 suits are hidden in the midst of huge tropical gardens. Plunge pools are all there in the Hillside Suites and the Beach Suites from the ocean are just steps away.


Almyra – Cyprus

Especially if you are having young children, the Travel Guide highlights that the month of June is the greatest time of visiting the Almyra. Without being overly hot, the weather is lovely and warm. A fantastic ‘Baby Go Lightly’ service is available with the hotel where you can book all the food, nappies and your other required baby paraphernalia in advance. Also now there is a new crèche accepting children six months old onwards.

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